CoolSculpting Achieve the Fat Reduction


Fat reduction can be difficult depending on your metabolism, your gender, your lifestyle and your age. You may work out constantly and limit calorie intake every day of the week but still not see the results that you would like to see across your body. If you are close to your goal weight but are still struggling with one or more pockets of fat on your body that do not respond to your fat-burning techniques, you may be able to benefit significantly from CoolSculpting. This procedure can quickly give you the fat reduction that you want in only one or two treatment sessions and can also impact you emotionally by improving your self-esteem. Here are the top three results that you can expect to gain from this easy procedure.

Reduce Fat

The primary reason to choose CoolSculpting is to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that have been bothering you for years. Some parts of your body may be hard to target with exercises. However, this procedure uses special applicators to address a variety of the most problematic body areas that we encounter. With light suction and very cold temperatures, the applicator freezes your fat cells, reducing them significantly in only a few sessions. Then, over the next one to two months, your dead fat cells will be excreted by your body, gradually showing off your new figure.

Get Gorgeous Curves

The results of CoolSculpting are not only fat reduction but also the formation of gorgeous curves. Your body was made to be shapely, and this procedure can help you achieve this once again if you have lost your curves due to aging, pregnancy, weight gain or another reason. We can help you sculpt your belly, flanks, hips and thighs. Our unique applicators can also hit your buttocks, inner knees, upper back, upper arms and chin.

Feel Great about Yourself Again

You will not have to worry about scheduling any downtime because you can get right back to your usual life following your procedure. While fat reduction is certainly great, you may be surprised at some of the other benefits you achieve with CoolSculpting. You may feel your body confidence returning, and this may affect your work, your social life and all of your relationships.

While CoolSculpting at Advanced Aesthetics Salon & Medical Spa may not be for everyone, it is a wonderful solution for those who are nearly at their goal weights but who are looking for simple ways to take care of those last few lumps of fat that may be hiding on the body. If you are generally healthy and want to experience beautiful curves and a slim, toned physique, visit our medical spas in Las Vegas or Henderson to learn how our CoolSculpting procedure can help you and to learn more about which areas of the body we treat. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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