How Can Laser Therapy Benefit Me?

Laser Therapy

Are you unhappy about the appearance of your skin due to problems like scars, blemishes, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation? Many people suffer from these same conditions but cannot find the proper treatment for them. If you are looking for a treatment solution for skin problems like these, you should look into laser therapy, particularly if you prefer options that do not require surgery.

Laser therapy can reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and give your skin a lush, beautiful glow. The fact that it works without surgery means that you should experience virtually no downtime, so you should be able to return to your work or daily activities almost immediately after your treatment.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

When we use the term laser therapy, we are usually talking about laser skin resurfacing. This treatment helps to remove skin layers to minimize common skin problems like wrinkles and acne. The technique works through the use of targeted laser energy directed deep into skin tissue, leading to a smoother, tighter skin appearance that is free from skin problems that you have put up with in the past. It leads to the removal of old, damaged skin layers that are replaced with new, fresh skin.

Your Laser Therapy Procedure

When you are ready for your own laser therapy treatment, we will prepare the treatment area. Each should only take around 20 minutes to complete. You may notice some minor pricks from the laser, but patients typically tolerate the procedure very well. If you have any concerns, you can raise them with our educated staff who are more than happy to help.

Laser Therapy Aftercare

After your laser skin resurfacing treatment has been completed, the treatment area will be bandaged to safeguard against infection for more efficient healing. Since the skin in the treatment area will be sensitive, you will want to ensure that it remains clean and free from bacteria and dirt.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure in the following weeks after your laser therapy treatment and wear sunscreen. Keep your skin moisturized so that it can continue to heal completely.

Candidates for Laser Therapy

Laser skin resurfacing is a remarkably effective technique for patients with lines and wrinkles, superficial facial scars, or uneven pigmentation. Ideal candidates have elastic skin that is not susceptible to developing scars after injury. You should also have realistic expectations regarding your outcomes.

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