CoolSculpting: Kick Unwanted Fat to the Curb


Do you have some excess fat that you just cannot seem to get off your midsection or your hips no matter how hard you try? This could be due to genetics, or it could be the result of a past disease, pregnancy, menopause or surgery. Whatever the reason may be, you do not have to live with it any longer. With our CoolSculpting treatments, you can kick unwanted fat to the curb and experience long-lasting results.

While CoolSculpting may initially sound too good to be true, it is a safe, FDA-approved treatment that can get rid of fat cells within one to two sessions. It works by freezing the fat cells away. Once the cells are frozen, the body gets rid of them. After CoolSculpting you can easily maintain your new body shape as long as you practice good dietary, activity and health habits.

With CoolSculpting, we can target fat on a variety of the most problematic areas of your body. While you may worry most about your belly or outer thighs, we can also target the inner thighs and help you get the thigh gap that you crave. Other areas where CoolSculpting can be used include the back, buttocks, and upper arms, all of which are traditionally very hard to target with cardio or strength-training exercises.

A typical CoolSculpting session in our office is comfortable and even relaxing. We will start with a complete consultation to determine what your body shape goals are and to ensure that this treatment is the right option to meet your needs. Once we have decided where we will use CoolSculpting on your body, we will seat you comfortably near the CoolSculpting device and place a specially shaped sticky pad on the area of your body to be treated. When we start the treatment, the area will become very cold, and you will feel a slight vacuum-like pressure. Within a few minutes, your skin will become naturally numb at the area, and you will be quite comfortable. We recommend that you bring something along to do, such as a book to read, as many of our clients find that this is a good time to get some work done, catch up on reading or take a quick nap.

After your first treatment, you will be able to see your problem area changing shape within the next few weeks. However, most of our clients benefit greatly from having at least two treatments completed in the same area. Full results will be visible within three to four months.

If you have some fat that you would like to get rid of and you are close to or at your goal weight, CoolSculpting can be a great non-invasive way to get rid of the fat permanently. Call us today at Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas to set up your first appointment.

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