Even Out Your Skin Tone with a Facial Peel

The appearance of your facial skin can affect your inner confidence and feelings of self-worth. Many individuals develop unwanted blemishes, acne and various types of hyperpigmentation issues or uneven skin tone. While wearing makeup can help hide some of these skin issues, this doesn’t treat the underlying cause. Cosmetic and skincare experts often recommend that patients with stubborn, uneven skin tone undergo a professional facial peel to remedy the problem at its source and to even out the tone for a healthier and smoother skin surface.


The Three Main Reasons for Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone


There are three main reasons for this sort of hyperpigmentation that can cause uneven skin tone. A top culprit is the effects of harmful rays of the sun. This often affects individuals with fair complexions and light colored eyes. Overexposure to sun can cause hyperpigmentation spots to develop, and normal aging can exacerbate this condition resulting in age spots, liver spots and sun spots which are clusters of melanin that are typically round. Hormones such as estrogen can stimulate melanocyte cells to overreact creating pooling of the skin pigmentation element melanin, which can develop larger areas of uneven facial skin color. Birth control and pregnancy hormonal fluctuations are generally the cause of this. Traumatic injuries to the skin like burns from hot curling irons, acne pimples, and dermatological skin outbreaks are the third main reason for uneven facial skin tone.


Some Common Treatments for Uneven Skin Tone


There are a number of effective treatments commonly used to treat uneven skin tone. These include natural remedies like vitamins A, C, and E, which are known to be good for skin. Skin care clinics often provide skincare treatments that contain these skin nourishing and healing vitamins and other cosmetic ingredients that can be customized for maximum effectiveness. Many skin care experts highly recommend professional facial peels that are designed to target uneven skin tone and its underlying causes.


The Benefits of Undergoing a Facial Peel


There are some terrific benefits of undergoing a facial peel to correct uneven skin tone along with other hard-to-treat facial skin conditions. When done by a qualified professional, these treatments can be adjusted to safely treat each person’s unique skin type. The results are long-lasting, and the treatment gets to the underlying dermal skin layers for maximum effectiveness. Individuals typically notice the results right away, and many of these facial peel treatments continue to work after the treatment is complete. A facial peel also can correct acne outbreaks, some skin discolorations, and excessive redness or dark pigmentation issues while evening out the tone of the skin leaving it rejuvenated and smooth.


The amazing results of various facial peel options can be obtained by making an appointment with our skin specialists. Consider Advanced Aesthetics Salon & Medical Spa for expert facial peels that can reveal gorgeous facial skin that appears youthful and clearer with noticeably evened skin tone throughout. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! We have offices in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV.

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