How Long Do Hair Removal Results Last?

Manually removing excess hair from your underarms, legs, and other body areas can be a time-consuming, costly process. How long your results last depends on your chosen method and the biological factors that enable hair growth. Would you like to achieve a smooth, hair-free appearance consistently? At Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, we can provide you with laser hair removal treatments that promise beautiful, long-lasting results.

How Does New Hair Grow After Removal?

A few weeks after the removal, new hair will likely regrow in the areas where they were taken out. It’s a natural process but can sometimes be affected by hormones that reactivate the activity of hair follicles. For example, some women may observe hair regrowth in the jaw, throat, upper lip, and sideburns as they approach menopause and experience a decrease in estrogen. However, after the removal of hair, you should experience hair growth that is thinner or less noticeable.

Hair regeneration also happens in various areas of the body. In some people, regrowth can occur more frequently and noticeable in the arms, legs, or chest areas compared to the bikini or stomach area. The only way for hair to regrow in a thinner, less noticeable appearance is through laser hair removal. This treatment damages hair follicles permanently so that you can expect long-lasting results.

What Are the Different Stages of Hair Growth?

To understand why laser treatments are the best option for removing unwanted hair, you’ll need to know first how hair grows in the first place. None of the remedies we try at home can permanently stop hair growth. Laser treatments are different, as they can affect or disturb the normal hair growth process.

New hair develops in three stages. First is the active phase, where cells in the follicle break quickly to create a new strand of hair. In this stage, new hair pushes out the old hair. Hair strands can stay for up to six weeks in this period. The second stage occurs when the hair stops developing, and the root starts to disintegrate. The third and final stage is when the follicle becomes dormant, and old hair is shed.

How Is Hair Removed During Laser Treatments?

During the treatments, high-energy lasers destroy hair follicles in the targeted areas. During the treatment, you may experience tingling sensations. It means that the treatment is working. After multiple sessions, you can observe up to 90% hair reduction in the treated areas within the following month.

This permanent reduction makes laser treatments a more permanent, lasting option than traditional methods. For the best results, you may need several treatment sessions. Eventually, you can become almost hair-free and only require maintenance treatments once in a while.

How Effective Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Compared to manually removing hair, laser treatments are much more effective and deliver impressive results. When you choose to remove hair through laser treatment permanently, you’ll get a personalized treatment plan. We will calibrate the right laser frequency to match your skin tone. It helps guide the laser energy to destroy the hair follicles of the treated area accurately. After a series of treatment sessions, hair growth will become much less prominent.

Laser treatment not only gets rid of unwanted hair right away, but it also works to decrease the rate of your new hair growth permanently. It’s even possible that no more hair will go back after a series of treatments. The likelihood of this event varies per individual, so it’s best to set your expectations and have realistic treatment goals.

Are the Results Permanent?

You can only achieve permanent removal of hair by causing complete damage to hair follicles. However, some people who choose to undergo hair removal may still find small amounts of hair growing back in the target area. This means that the laser has not destroyed their follicles. After some time, we can treat the area again to reduce the number of hairs that regenerate. With consistent treatments, you may achieve permanent hair loss, in which no more hair grows back.

The possibility depends on many factors, including the type of hair that regrows and your unique response to the treatment. Fortunately, most people find the new hair growth lighter and less noticeable than those that grew before. This is because the laser will still damage the hair follicle even though it doesn’t kill it. Every hair follicle can be challenging to destroy, regardless of the type of laser used.

How Can You Benefit From Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatments are based on advanced technology that can target and destroy hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. Some of the most common places for removing hair are:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Bikini line

Methods like shaving and plucking to remove hair can cause skin damage. They also take time and may cause discomfort. The removal of hair through laser treatment is an innovative alternative to these traditional methods and may permanently remove body hair. You will certainly want to try this approach if you’re going to save time and energy in the future.

No Need to Grow Out Your Hair

Unlike manual removal methods, you won’t need to grow your hair to a certain length before your laser treatment session. We may recommend you shave before your treatment to minimize the risk of minor burns.

Remove Unwanted Hair Precisely

The removal of hair through laser treatment is one of the most accurate ways to eliminate excessive hair. The laser targets every single hair follicle. It works with most skin tones and types. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave you with ingrown hair or occasional missing patches. There is also no discomfort or stubble left after, unlike other hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, or plucking.

Avoid Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hairs

They say beauty comes with a painful price. This expression can be true if you have ingrown hair and a painful rash after removing your hair manually. With the help of laser treatments, you can maintain soft and smooth skin for several weeks at a time. It is particularly true in the bikini zone. The area is prone to stuck hair and rashes after shaving, but these issues will become a thing of the past with laser treatments.

Get Convenient, Lasting Results

Regardless of which part of your body is being treated, laser energy removes hair relatively fast. You should only expect a session to take a couple of minutes for tiny sections like the upper lip. Larger areas like your legs can take up to two hours.

Is Laser Hair Removal the Right Choice for You?

Are you losing confidence and self-esteem because of unwanted hair growth on your face or other body parts? We know it can be tiring to shave every few days or keep stocking up on wax and razors. Laser treatments will work best for you if you have dark hair that contrasts nicely against light skin. The removal of hair through laser treatment may also be considered if you are looking for alternatives to waxing, shaving, and bleaching.

You’ll only know how effective the treatment can be for you unless you try it. We recommend you to maintain good physical health before the treatment. We might ask for your medical history or ask about current medications you might be taking. We’ll also need to know if you have specific allergies or have tried other cosmetic treatments recently.

Does Your Skin or Hair Color Matter?

The removal of hair through laser treatment works better on light-colored individuals with dark hair. Color contrast improves the laser’s performance when it comes to targeting and damaging hair follicles. However, the treatment may still be suitable for most people with various colors and skin tones.

Darker-skinned people or those with extremely light hair may need further treatment than others. We will need to properly calibrate the laser energy to make the treatment effective but still safe for you. For example, lasers emitting longer wavelengths operate better on dark skin. For this reason, you’ll need to consult with experienced professionals who can give you a customized treatment plan.

Will You Need To Prepare for the Treatment?

Once we’ve set a date for your first appointment, you may continue with your regular regimens, as long as it involves the removal of hair from the root. In this way, the laser can only concentrate on your hair’s root without being distracted by the length. On the night before your appointment, we advise that you rest and relax.

What Can You Expect During the Treatment?

The removal of hair through laser treatment is effective and compatible with most people. However, some areas are more susceptible to successful treatment than others. Your tolerance for pain and discomfort also plays a role. The treatment will not cause you any intolerable sensations. Still, each person will feel varying degrees of sensation against their skin. There are little or no downtimes after laser hair removal sessions, and you can return to normal activities as soon as you’d like.

However, during your recovery process, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to the sun if you have to be outside. We recommended that you abstain from heavy exercise or extreme physical activity for the first 24 hours of your treatment session. If you experience mild redness or swelling as a normal skin reaction, you can find relief by applying a cold compress.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

You’ll notice that your hair won’t fall out immediately — it might take two weeks after treatment before all the hair in your treated area falls out. But once you see them falling out, they will never grow back like they used to. Yes, you may still observe very light hair growth, but this doesn’t mean that the treatment has failed. As we’ve mentioned, this is simply part of the natural cycle of your hair growth.

To completely break the cycle, you might need additional treatments to achieve the smooth, hairless skin you desire. Laser therapy is mostly offered in bundles of four or more sessions. You will need about a dozen or more treatments to eradicate hair growth permanently. After that, there should be no need for touch-ups. Some people will need treatments every six months. Others will discover that touch-ups won’t be necessary for them until the next few years.

Get the Beautiful, Lasting Results That You Hope For

Do you spend a lot of time shaving, plucking, and waxing excess hair but still can’t enjoy lasting results? It can be frustrating when it feels like you can’t stop unwanted hair from growing. With the help of laser hair removal, we can provide you with beautiful, lasting results. Contact Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, and schedule your appointment! Our talented team shares your passion for achieving and maintaining a smooth, hair-free appearance.

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