How Long Should You Wait Between CoolSculpting Sessions?


Are you finding it difficult to get rid of those last few pounds of unwanted belly fat or love handles? Many people deal with this problem, but there is an amazing cutting-edge technology to address it called CoolSculpting. This is an FDA-approved, completely non-surgical method of removing fat cells for good, and it’s available now from the experienced medical professionals at Advanced Aesthetics in Las Vegas, NV.

Why Do Some People Have More Stubborn Fat Than Others?

A few people seem to be able to get a sculpted and toned body without any treatments. Others spend hours in the gym and attempt challenging diet programs to cut calories, but they still have a few bits of “stubborn fat” that refuse to go away.

Genetics Plays a Big Role

Before you start blaming yourself, you should know that much of this is determined by genetics. We each have different genes, and our bodies are programmed to store fat in different areas. For some of us, those pockets of fat wind up in areas we wish they didn’t, like the abdomen, sides, thighs, or even arms. When most people try to get rid of these fat deposits, they usually start with diet and exercise programs that are designed for losing weight.

Diet and Exercise Don’t Completely Eliminate the Fat Cell

While we are big advocates of proper diet and exercise, they can’t always take care of the last 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat. Part of the reason for this is the way the body usually burns fat. When we exercise or run a calorie deficit, our bodies use our fat stores, emptying out a fat cell to provide the energy it needs.

Empty fat cells still remain, even if the fat inside has been used up. Because they are sitting around, it is much easier for the body to “re-store” fat and put the pounds back on at a later time.

You Don’t Have to Live With Stubborn Fat

The answer is to remove the fat cells completely, and that’s just what CoolSculpting does. Just because you have some “resistant fat reserves” doesn’t mean you can’t get a sculpted, contoured look on your abs, sides, flanks, or thighs. You can reshape the way your body looks by freezing the fat cells and getting rid of them entirely.

Introducing CoolSculpting

When most people think of removing their fat, they might consider liposuction as the obvious treatment. Liposuction has been around for a long time and produced some excellent results for many people. However, not all patients want to undergo the necessary surgery, and many people cannot afford the downtime that it requires.

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough new treatment that can target fat cells directly (like liposuction) but without the need for surgery or long recovery periods. We use advanced medical technology to freeze fat cells without harming the nearby skin or organs. Once the fat cells are frozen, they begin to die off, and the body gradually flushes them out of the system, leaving behind a slimmer and more sculpted surface.

How Does It Work?

Coolsculpting is short and low-fuss, requiring only about 30-60 minutes to complete. The length of the session will depend on a patient’s specific needs, but it is an incredibly simple treatment.

Treatment Targets the Fat Cells

Your treatment area will be cooled with special applicators that are designed to drop the temperature of the fat cells to the point where the cell walls start to break down. Fat cells can’t handle the cold as well as other parts of your body can, so it’s possible to do this without harming any other areas of your body. During a treatment, roughly 20%-25% of fat cells in a specific area will be damaged.

Your Body Begins to Flush the Cells

When a cell wall is damaged, it slowly begins to die. Fortunately, the human body has highly reliable systems for recycling old cells, and this is a natural part of the way the body repairs itself. When the body sees that the fat cells have been frozen by the treatment, it begins to absorb and remove them. Over the next few weeks, the body will gradually remove these cells, leaving behind healthy tissue and skin. The results are usually visible after three weeks.

What Happens During Coolsculpting Treatment?

Although everyone’s experience is unique, there are a few things that you can probably expect from treatment when you begin. The process starts with a personal consultation.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

When we meet in person, we will discuss your specific goals and what you hope to achieve through the treatment process. During this time, we may also confirm details about your medical history and make sure you don’t have any conditions or medications that might interfere with treatment.

A Swift Treatment Process

Patients are often surprised by just how easy and relaxing a treatment session actually is. Each treatment area varies slightly, but the session usually lasts between 30-60 minutes. During this time, applicators will be applied to your desired treatment area. Once treatment starts, you will feel a cold sensation on the skin, but the experience is relaxing. The use of needles and anesthetics is not necessary for this treatment. It is truly non-invasive in every sense.

After the session, patients often go back to work or resume their normal daily routines. You do not need to spend days or even hours recovering.


When treatment is finished, the important thing is simply to wait and see the results. This will take a few weeks, with results coming around the third or fourth week after the freezing session. Most people only need one session to see results, however it is possible that your personalized plan will need multiple sessions, especially if you are treating several different areas, such as both abdomen and thighs.

How Long Should You Wait Between Sessions?

Many people want to get rid of as much fat as possible, and they’d like to get a follow-up treatment as soon as possible. While this can be beneficial, it is important to space the treatment sessions out so you are not simply re-freezing dead cells. By allowing the body time to remove the damaged fat cells, you ensure that your future treatments will be more effective.

One to Four Months Average

The recommended minimum wait time is 30 days before you get a second freezing session on the same treatment area. It may be slightly more effective to wait a little while, however. Ideal results from treatment are usually seen around three months after the initial session.

Your Medical Staff Will Work With You

Because everyone is different, the treatment isn’t the same for every patient. Some patients may be advised to wait longer for a second session, depending on their health or fat loss situations. Multiple treatments can be beneficial for many patients, however, and our staff will work with you to prepare the ideal treatment schedule for you.

Top FAQs

Is It FDA-Approved?

The FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2012, primarily for use on the abs and sides. Since then, millions of patients have had successful treatments, with a very high satisfaction rating. In addition, several more treatment areas have been approved for use and more precise applicators have been invented to help target these specific areas.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Individual results may vary, but patients who are new to treatment will often lose about 20%-25% of their fat cells in a target area. These numbers can be increased with multiple follow-up sessions on the same area (after a waiting period).

It is important to note that this is not a treatment for obesity, or a medical weight loss program. It is designed especially for patients who are at or close to their target weight and need a little extra help getting rid of resistant fat. If your goal is to lose large amounts of weight, our staff may make alternative recommendations based on your own goals and needs.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

At our center, we can target specific fat regions on many of the most common “stubborn fat” areas of the body. These include:

  • Stomach / abdomen / belly
  • Flanks / sides / love handles
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Under the chin

Coolsculpting can be combined or broken up into multiple sessions. Our staff will work with you, your health needs, your budget, and your schedule to come up with the best possible treatment plan.

How Much Experience Does Your Staff Have?

Our “CoolSculpters” Julie and Megan have both been with Advanced Aesthetics for seven years and have studied under a certified trainer. Together they have administered over 1,000 treatments, helping to make us the #1 provider in the state of Nevada.

How Long Will I Need to Recover?

Most patients resume their normal activities or return to work the same day.

Do I Need to Take Supplements, Medicine, or Get an Injection?

You do not need anything extra beyond the treatment itself.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

Yes, the results from this process are permanent. All the fat cells that are frozen and removed are gone for good. It is possible to create new fat cells with an unhealthy diet, however, many of our patients experience a lot of motivation when they get this treatment. They love their new bodies so much that they want to keep them in great shape! Follow-up sessions, proper nutrition, and the right amount of exercise will all help you keep your newfound “sculpted” look.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Get Treatment?

Generally, this technique can help anyone who wants to get rid of those last 5-10 pounds to reach their ideal weight. However, there are certain instances where another path will be better. If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, it may be necessary to wait to get the treatment. In addition, it may not be advisable for patients who have unusually high reactions to cold. During your consultation, our staff will make sure you meet all the requirements for treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate?

This treatment is excellent for anyone who wants to get rid of their last few pounds of resistant fat without surgery, downtime, or long treatment sessions. If this sounds like you, then get in touch with us to get the process started.

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