Not everyone ages like Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford. However, if you want to maintain a youthful glow for as long as you can, you should definitely try out the newest craze in the beauty industry: Microneedling. Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas offers this treatment. Call us today to learn more!

What It Is

Microneedling rejuvenates and improves the skin from the inside out. It is not as invasive as a laser skin treatment, but it will reduce hyperpigmentation and acne scars. It will get rid of dull skin and give you a smooth and almost airbrushed look. Aside from the face, you can also try the treatment on your neck, decollete, arms, and back.

How It Works

As the name suggests, the treatment uses micro-needles that will penetrate the skin and treat it with Collagen Induction Therapy that will hydrate and volumize the targeted area. By creating nearly invisible punctures in your skin, it encourages the production of natural healing compounds such as elastin and collagen.

If you don’t know this already, collagen has many benefits to the skin: It diminishes your wrinkles and other fine lines, improves and evens out your skin tone, moisturizes your skin from within, and makes the skin firm. Meanwhile, elastin helps the skin retain its original position even after pinching or poking. This means that elastin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles that can stem from your normal and everyday facial reactions.

What to Expect

Unlike other skin treatments, microneedling results don’t have side effects that will require you to hide for a given period of time. Aside from a slight blush or pinkness on your skin, the treatment is practically undetectable. The flushness of your skin is actually a signal that the natural healing process has begun.

Who Is a Candidate?

Micro-needling is for anyone who wants to retain their skin’s firmness and youthful appearance. Old or young, celebrity or not, the treatment will make your skin look so much more even and better than before. So, if you’re starting to notice wrinkles and fine lines on your face, maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment with Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas. After the treatment, you will notice instant changes on your face.

Do you want your skin to stay as young-looking as possible? Then call Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas and schedule a micro-needling appointment today. You won’t regret getting this treatment.

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