Laura Rimoldi, RN

Laura Rimoldi, RN Laura Rimoldi, RN

Recognizable to many, Laura’s tenure with our team dates back to 2012, where she engaged in multifaceted responsibilities ranging from phone communications to providing support to our injectors. In 2019, Laura embarked on a pursuit of further education, enrolling in nursing school at CSN. Post-graduation, she transitioned into a role within the labor and delivery department, where her dedication to women’s health and well-being became palpable. It was within this domain that Laura discovered her passion for enhancing women’s beauty and confidence. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of aesthetics on individuals, Laura realized its integral role in uplifting those within her sphere. Her commitment to empowering women through aesthetics underscores her dedication to facilitating the journey towards self-assurance and personal satisfaction.

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