Fat Freezing: How Does It Work?

Get in Shape with Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is all the rage in cosmetic processes today. This process offers a non-surgical reduction of the fat cells using controlled cooling. The process of fat freezing remains a proven and lasting method for eliminating pockets of fat that won’t go away due to exercising and diet. Treatment may include one area of the body, or you may require several treatment procedures to slim down all of the regions and give you the results you want. The number of fat freezing processes that you’ll want to have done is determined by you and our specialist working together to create a workable plan of approach.

The Fat-Freezing Process

Our healthcare specialists will give you a clinical recommendation about which areas we believe will respond to the process of fat-freezing. We will work in conjunction with your wishes to get the results you desire and sculpt your body. Many years ago, scientists realized that fat cells could be targeted for reduction by freezing them. They decided that areas of fat could be destroyed if they were targeted with a fat freezing process. You won’t lose weight. But you will reduce the number of your fat cells.

Our body decides the number of fat cells it contains at some point during our teenage years. So when an individual loses weight, they don’t eliminate fat cells right away. They shrink the size of the fat cell. Fat-freezing eventually kills the fat cell, assisting you in looking smaller and slimmer. Fat-freezing procedures both shrink fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells by about 20 to 25 percent. When fat cells die due to this treatment, they disappear and don’t migrate elsewhere. The process only affects the area of the body treated.

What is the Fat-Freezing Process?

The fat-freezing treatment uses a specific type of equipment that targets your pockets of fat, freezes the area, and causes no damage to the surrounding tissue. This instrument has built-in safety features that prevent excessive cooling and damage to tissues, fat, and skin.

Fat-freezing will not help you lose weight, but it will help you look slimmer. Good candidates for a fat-freezing procedure are in good health and weigh a healthy weight. These individuals choose fat-freezing as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. You’ll start to see the changes in your body an as little as three weeks after the process. Your body will continue to remove fat cells.

If you believe you would be a good candidate for a fat-freezing appointment, contact us today!

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