Treating Acne with Microdermabrasion

Acne is very common. In fact, it’s the most common skin condition in the United States. It affects nearly 50 million people every year in the U.S. This means there are a lot of people looking for a way to ease their skin problems. One of the best solutions is something called microdermabrasion.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a process that involves spraying microcrystals on to the skin to remove its outermost layer. The high-pressure spray of microcrystals clears away the dead skin cells to expose healthy skin. While the skin is being exfoliated, the device is also vacuuming the dead skin and debris. Not only does the procedure remove the dead skin cells, it also helps to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Because of this, microdermabrasion is an excellent option for people with acne.

Does it Work On All Acne Scars?

Unfortunately, microdermabrasion will not improve all acne scars. People who have what’s called ice pick scars won’t see much improvement from this method. Ice pick scars are much deeper than your average acne scar. They leave the skin looking as if it had been punctured by a sharp object.

However, people who have what’s called depressed acne scars are the best candidates for microdermabrasion. Depressed acne scars aren’t as deep as the ice pick scars. Since they aren’t as deep—which means the scars are much closer to the epidermis—the microdermabrasion treatment has a better chance of taking effect.

What About Current Breakouts?

Microdermabrasion can also help people in the midst of an acne breakout. That’s assuming the breakout is anywhere between mild and moderate. Not only does the treatment remove dead skin cells, which clog pores, it also removes the sebum (oil) from the pores. Anyone dealing with a severe acne breakout should avoid this treatment. In all likelihood, it will only exacerbate the problem.

Dealing with acne can be a struggle. Unfortunately, millions of people have to do it every day. Microdermabrasion could be the answer they’re searching for. Contact Advanced Aesthetics Salon & Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation! We have offices located in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

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