Could Hyperhidrosis Treatment Benefit You?


Hyperhidrosis is a condition that involves excessive sweating. It is far more severe than normal sweating is, and you may find that you are sweating through several shirts every day or that you need to take multiple showers daily. Up to three percent of Americans are believed to suffer with hyperhidrosis, but not everyone seeks out treatment. This could be due to embarrassment from the condition or the belief that no good treatment exists.

However, if you are dealing with excessive sweating, which could be in the underarms or on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, we have ways that we can help you. At Advanced Aesthetics in Las Vegas, we are proud to use Dysport® for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. This product is similar to BOTOX® in that it is a neurotoxin. When used in the armpits, it blocks the nerves from reacting in the sweat glands. Therefore, sweat is not produced, and you will find yourself incredibly dry and comfortable.

Your Dysport® treatment should be quite quick and easy. The entire treatment should last just minutes. It is performed as a small injection, which you should only feel as a brief pinching in your skin. We may give you multiple injections in the area to treat the entire problem. This is a temporary treatment. Therefore, you will need to return regularly so that your excessive sweating does not become a problem again. Following each treatment, you should be able to go back to your usual activities without any problematic side effects and without any need for activity restrictions.

Hyperhidrosis is a problem if it significantly interferes with your life. For example, you may be embarrassed of how wet or smelly you are, and this may make you not want to go out in public. You may struggle at work and be too preoccupied with your sweating to be able to concentrate on your task at hand.

Plus, if hyperhidrosis is not treated, it can lead to physical issues in addition to the embarrassing emotional issues that it has already caused. Skin that stays wet for long periods is at high risk of developing itchy rashes, often called prickly heat.

Thanks to Dysport® treatments at Advanced Aesthetics in Las Vegas, you do not have to worry about these physical or psychological side effects any longer. If your hyperhidrosis is negatively impacting any area of your life, we encourage you to contact us today to book a consultation and learn more!

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