Micro-needling: Who is a Good Candidate?


Also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), micro-needling is a popular cosmetic treatment that will help you retain your skin’s firm and youthful appearance. This procedure produces very few unwanted side effects, and you might notice distinct improvements to your appearance within weeks of your appointments. If you are tired of covering up surface blemishes with makeup, then you should take a fresh look at micro-needling at Advanced Aesthetics Salon and Medical Spa in Las Vegas.

How Does CIT Work?

When your skin cells are damaged, your body responds by creating an abundance of collagen, keratin, and elastin. All of those amino acids are responsible for keeping your skin toned and healthy, but your body may no longer produce an ample supply of them as you grow older. That is one of the reasons why many adults begin to notice a wide variety of surface blemishes as time goes on. With micro-needling, our team can manually trigger the production of those proteins, and that will minimize the appearance of your imperfections.

What Can be Treated?

Almost any surface blemish on the outer layers of the epidermis can be treated with micro-needling. Many patients have this procedure carried out because they are tired of masking age-related blemishes around the eyes, nose, and mouth. It is also a popular treatment option for old acne scars throughout the face, neck, chest, and back. Some of our patients undergo micro-needling simply to maintain their youthful appearance. This procedure will give you a smooth and toned look. During your first consultation with one of our team members, we can carefully look over the blemishes that you would like to get rid of to see if this treatment is right you.

A Look at the Results

Your skin should look healthy and refreshed as soon as you step out of our office, and the results are only going to improve. One long-term study found that this procedure can increase collagen production by up to 40 percent over a six month period of time. Following your first set of appointments, you should make sure that you continue to protect your skin from all forms of damage. Severe sunburns, acute injuries, and harsh beauty products could negatively impact the results. You also need to stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and stick to a healthy diet. As the results slowly fade away, you can schedule follow-up appointments once every three or four months.


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